FUM has a total membership of 1,024,843 farmers which consist of 1,024,193 individual smallholder farmers organized into 256 farmer organizations across the country and 650 medium and large scale farmers.

Membership is open to commodity associations and cooperatives, associate members, individual medium and large scale farmers, and students whose application is approved by the Council.

There are the following categories of membership:

Regular membership

This category consists of smallholder farmers belong to Commodity Associations or Cooperatives; and individual medium & large scale farmers.

Corporate Membership

This category consists of corporate bodies/ companies/ organizations that have interest in the affairs of the agricultural sector or work and/or provide services to the farmers.

Tertiary Institution Membership

This category consists of students unions or associations in universities or colleges or other institutions of learning who are majoring in the field of agribusiness.

Affiliate Membership

This category consists of all State, district or Local Government entities.