About FUM

Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM) is an umbrella body of farmers’ organization in Malawi. It was established in 2003 to;
  • Provide a collective voice of farmers in Malawi
  • Bring visible platform for interaction among and between farmers and farming stakeholders
  • Act as a vehicle for collective action and to lobby for all farmers in Malawi.

FUM’s mission is ‘to promote and safeguard the interest of all farmers in Malawi and create a conductive agricultural operating environment for improved agricultural productivity, market access and increased farmer income’. FUM has a vision of Malawian farmers with a powerful collective voice to promote and advance their interests. Overall objectives of FUM are to; promote the development of strong farmers’ representation in Malawi, support strengthening of member organizations capacity to deliver adequate service to their members and advance and protect the common interest of farmers locally, regionally and internationally. FUM endeavors to achieve the specified objectives by focusing on the three operational areas;

  • Institutional development and investments
  • Research, policy and partnerships
  • Agribusiness and marketing.

Within the area of Institutional development and investments, FUM endeavors to support the establishment of strong, credible and sustainable organizations that effectively and efficiently provide services to farmers and other stakeholders. Under this area FUM identifies the following as key results areas towards achieving its objectives; improving the relevance of farmer member organization to farmers in Malawi, improving credibility of farmer member organizations to key stakeholders and strengthening national commodity organizations.