FUM Structure

FUM is recognized by the Government of Malawi as the umbrella body representing all farmers in Malawi. It therefore has the ability to engage government and private sector on agricultural development from a farmers’ perspective.

It has functional membership-driven and democratically-elected organizational structures consisting of: the General Assembly, Council, Board of Directors, Board of Trustees and Secretariat.

FUM General Assembly

This is the supreme decision making body that meets once in a year during the Annual Farmers’ Congress.

FUM Council

This is the highest policy making body of the Union. The members to this body constitute Chairpersons of District Farmers Unions, Chairpersons of commodity Associations or Cooperatives, chairperson of Agribusiness chamber of commerce, representative of corporate members and representatives of affiliates members, elected to the council by their constituencies.

FUM Board of Directors of the Council

This is the policy-making body of the union that provides policy direction of the Union and is headed by the President.

FUM Board of Trustees

This is the unit of the Union that has custodial functions and is headed by the Chairperson. The members to this body are appointed by the Board of Directors of the Council

FUM Secretariat

This is the unit that is responsible for supporting and coordinating the day-to-day activities of the union. It is composed of full-time professional administrative and program staff headed by the Chief Executive Officer.