Our Objectives

Overall Objectives of FUM are:

  • To promote the development of strong farmers’ representation in Malawi.
  • To support strengthening of member organizations capacity to deliver adequate service to their members,
  • To advance and protect the common interest of farmers locally, regionally and internationally

Key Strategic Areas

1. Institutional Development

FUM endeavours to support the establishment of strong, credible and sustainable organizations that effectively and efficiently provide services to farmers and other stakeholders. The following are its intended key result areas:

  • Improve relevance of farmer’ organizations to farmers in Malawi
  • Improve credibility of farmer organizations to key     stakeholders
  • Strengthen national commodity organizations.

2. Policy Analysis and Advocacy

This component aims at promoting the creation of an enabling environment that allows farmers to realize their full potential to influence local, regional, continental and global agricultural related policies.

The following are the intended key result areas:

  • To strengthen the capacity of farmers to participate in policy development and advocacy
  • To increase visibility of FUM in policy development
  • To influence effectiveness of FUM in policy development

3. Agribusiness and Marketing 

This component aims at strengthening the ability (competitiveness) of farmer organizations to support their members to become profitable suppliers for the agribusiness sector through integrating them into the value chain.

These are the intended key result areas:      

  • Improved access to timely and accurate production and market information
  • Strengthen farmers capacity in agribusiness and marketing skills
  • Develop  strong and sustainable partnerships